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My name is Duarte Garin and I come from Lisbon, Portugal.

I am a professional web developer, passionate surfer and incorrigible gamer.

I come from a background in enterprise web applications and systems integration and I am an experienced business owner, project manager and frontend developer.

Currently living in Sydney, I am working as a technical director for Digital Garden, where I combine my love for Drupal development, frontend and digital strategy.

Since long in love with Drupal, I have been part of the Drupal community for more than 6 years, having developed dozens of websites, portals and applications. I am an active contributor and project mantainer in drupal.org.

Also very interested in games, game design and game development, especially the adventure game genre, I'm currently working in an indie, sci-fiadventure game "The Seven Tides".

I am married to the most beatiful woman in the world with a 3 year old daughter and spend my free time playing and surfing around Bondi Beach.

If you want to get in touch with me drop me a line in Twitter or Linkedin.